everyday from 10 to 8

The festival invites visual artists and photographers to come and "live" at Off-Courts. All forms of media are in the spotlight for the week of meetings around short film.

Expositions evolve throughout the week.


Crépô (Montréal), Julien Hélie (Caen) and Morgane Launay (Bordeaux). Our three festival photographers will capture the highlights of Off-Courts 2018 for an evolving photo exhibit. All week long, memorable moments will be on display at the Phot'Off Gallery.


In a selfie or with friends, a photo booth is available all week to capture all your festival memories in Off-Courts colors.

Inspired by Photomatons (old photo booths) this photocall has become a must-do for Off-Courts evenings. Remember your time at the festival while making funny faces and striking a pose. Once again this year, Caen photographer Julien Hélie will be at the helm of the Buzz Box.


A self-taught artist in various mediums, Hervé Guilleux brings his past to life. His large-scale work usually takes form on impressive architectures abandoned by man.


Tamly et Aujuste le juste are members of the collective Big Hop, a Montpellier association tied to hip hop culture.

Tamly, originally a graffiti artist, is breaking into other painting styles. He loves to share his passion for painting with those young and old, and regularly runs graffiti workshops with members of his association.

Aujuste le juste is a painter who doesn't like to define himself.