creative labs


16th eDITION of the international digital creative laboratories

The creative labs are at the heart of the festival, which is, above all, a space for creativity and freedom.

The guiding principle of the labs is simple, inspired by the Kino movement in the early 2000s in Montreal.

Labs are multidisciplinary, where participants create short films, soundtracks, music videos, photos, frescos... all spontaneously.


Kinoworld welcomes more than 100 participants each year. Coming from numerous countries, they come together to create over a short period of time (48 to 72 hours), short films and video clips.

An international venue promoting meetings and exchanges between participants : this year coming from more than 19 countries.

Completed films will be presented at the Kino Kabaret screenings.


No registration required and open to all.

To participate you need only be present at one of the following production meetings where projects and teams will form:

- Saturday 9/8 at 9:30 am at the Village OFF

- Sunday 9/9 at 10 am at the Village OFF

- Tuesday 9/11 at 10 am at the Guinguette

Professional equipment is loaned according to the projects, with an approach of being equal.


Open to all

Sunday September 9 - 9:00 PM

Tuesday September 11 - 9:00 PM

Thursday September 13 - 8:00 PM

creative labs

A space of technology and open to all, the now famous "Labs" allow everyone to come see the making of clips and short films in person. Consisting of international professionals and motivated amateurs, the labs encourage meetings and exchanges with only one obligation: mutual help and support between projects with a screening at the end of the session! All projected films are made in 48 or 72 hours.

200 artists and technicians coming from all over :

Germany, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Spain, Finland, Haïti, Iran, Israël, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Sénégal, Togo, France and Québec.

kino kabaret

Screenings of films shot and made at the Labs during the festival

“Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it right now!” Kino's mantra has guided the Labs for twelve years now.

Born out of the Kino movement in Montreal, the Kinoworld occupies a prominent position in the creative component of the festival.

Distributed over three sessions of 48 and 72 hours, short films are made by teams of professionals and amateurs : sound and lighting teams, cameraman, actors, makeup artists, editors...

At the end of each session, films are screened to the public.


Sony, EV Corp, HP, Adobe, Tapages&Nocturnes, Audio-Technica, Acc&Led, DMG Lumière, Innport, Xeen, Fujinon, Shape, Miller, Fegaf, Beez, Make Up Forever Academy and Apaxxdesign

who equip our 16th Lab and allow artists to take advantage of all the latest digital tools.

special projects

Every year, directors and creators meet to experience the excitement of the festival as a welcoming theater for their unique creations. Presented to the public at the closing night of the festival, the 2018 special projects include:


Film composers are actively involved in the Creative Labs in order to create original music.


Since 2008, with the support of SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music), a Lab dedicated to making music videos. Invited musicians collaborate with a director and film crew in order to create an original music video. Videos are then presented at the closing ceremony.


Specific projects completed by defined audiences.


Six jours d’ateliers encadrés par un réalisateur invité et le professeur Yann Dantzer. Les élèves de terminale de la section audiovisuelle du lycée Marie-Joseph à Trouville feront des films avec les professionnels.

Six days of workshops supervised by a guest director. Students of the audiovisual section of the high school Marie-Joseph in Trouville will make films side-by-side with film professionals.


During the festival, a guest director will oversee a group of retirees as they write, produce and edit their own films. They never fail to amaze!


Kino Kabaret: Thursday 9/13 - 8:00 PM

Closing night: Friday 9/14 - 6:00 PM