Saturday and Sunday 11- 1 / 3 - 6

Monday through Friday 10 - 1 / 3 - 6

All week long, join the Off-Courts team to discover, practice or start a working image in a fun way!

Workshops are open to all, all week long at the Village Off.

INtroduction to ANIMATION

Three directors offer an immersion into the world of animation with their workshops.

Anthony Gandais offers a colorful workshop around animation cinema in stop motion! Let yourself be surprised at what you might learn!

Animator and film collector, Bruno Bouchard positions himself on themes of pre-cinema, the "cinema-toy" and fairground cinema. He produces exhibitions of cinema objects but also workshops around the techniques of the animated image.

A cartoon thanks to a turntable? Accompanied by Nicolas Diologent, imagine the decomposition of movement and let the music loose! Grab your markers, pens, and pencils!

SPecial effects makeup

Learn how special effects makeup is applied to the skin in order to create wounds, cuts, and zombies. You can also make a mask by sculpting on a mannequin.

There's also easy techniques for little ones to learn: making small wounds, scars, and scratches on the skin and creating textures for different animal skins. Materials used are made especially for use on children.

A workshop offered by Omaya Salman (Brazil/Palestine) along with Chanty Tremblay (Québec), Carole Rostaing et Camille-Tina Bilan (France).

Les petits débrouillards

Only September 9 and 10

Supported by the organisation Des petits débrouillards, the Science Tour, a fun and playful science workshop will be present at the festival September 9 and 10.

On the agenda, explorations of water and biodiversity found on the coast, as well as a fun exhibition "Coastline Clowns", led by the Petits Débrouillards team. Board the mobile lab "It's not rocket science" with Fred and Jamy, to start your journey of discovery.


A fun cinema-themed card game created by Grégoire Sivan, Pascal Sardaby, Zaven Najjar. An ideal game for the festival! No need to speak the same language to play Pict It - the cards speak for themselves and it's a great way to create a link between nationalities around common cultural references.

The goal? Guess titles and characters or actors in films with as few cards as possible, thanks to the drawings or clues on each card. With one (it's not impossible) to seven cards, use your imagination in order to win!

action on set

Violette Gitton & friends would like you to join them in a live shoot on a film set. Would you like to try your hand on the camera or sound? What better way to understand the basics of a film set! Maybe you'll even discover a new talent...

filming MACHINEs

Learn all about the big machines used behind the scenes on a film set.

Cranes ? Tracking ? Discover how movies are made with the machinists of Fegaf !